Loving conflict between a harmonious couple

Arguing…. fighting….. disagreements…. misunderstandings….. quarrels…..spats.  These wonderful interactions are part of life, or so they say. I would just as soon avoid them.  Conflicts may occur rarely in some relationships, take place when some people are together for more than just a few minutes, or even  be the foundation of a marriage for others. Let’s just listen in on this young couple.

“Well, Dear, we’ve been together 3 years now and nobody else can fight with me like you can, so let’s get married.” 

“ Oh  Honey, I thought you’d never ask! Of course I’ll marry you!”

“ Wanna get married in June? How about an outdoor wedding?”

“Outdoors in June? Are you nuts?  I will burn like crazy and you know my family hates to sweat. Remember Uncle George last summer?  Yuk.  And my skin gets so dry and peely? What are you thinking? I swear, sometimes….. “

“It doesn’t HAVE to be June. We can do it whenever you want……but you’ve always wanted a June wedding?  I love you so much”.

“Oh I love you too. But June? No Honey, you were WRONG! Don’t you remember, Dear? I said………”

“Geez! Just a suggestion. FINE! You decide!”

“I won’t!”

“FINE! I will.”

“No you won’t! I will!”

“Oh really? You couldn’t decide which skirt to wear last week because it clashed with my eyes! “  

“That’s not fair! You know you have two different color eyes. (Sniff, tear) I was just trying to be fashion sensitive and (sniff sniff) and you know I just want to make you happy “ (tears streaming).

“Oh come on now. I’m sorry. Oh Sweetie I can’t imagine doing this with anyone but you!”

“Well you could have fooled me! You insensitive……….”.

Good for them.

It looks like they found their true sparring partner for life and hopefully will enjoy those delightful conflicts throughout  old age,  when they won’t be able to remember who started the argument and why, but they will be sure they were correct most of the time.

Granny:  “What?”

Gramps: “What?”

Granny:  “Didn’t you say something? “ 

Gramps: “Don’t think so.”

Granny:  “Well, I’m not the crazy one. “

Gramps: “I’m not lazy!”

Granny: “Crazy! Crazy!”

Gramps: “Where’s Tracy?  Honey, where are ya?” (gets up and wanders around yelling)

Granny: “What are you doin?”

Gramps: “Lookin for Tracy!  Geez,  woman have you lost your mind? You were just yelling at our girl, Tracy. She must be here somewhere. I swear……. Where you at, baby girl!?”

Granny: “I did not.  I said you were crazy”

Gramps: “Who’s Stacy?”

Granny: “Forget it.”

Gramps: “What?

Granny: “What?

Gramps: “ I gotta go to the bathroom. Need anything?”

Granny: “He’ll be by later”.

See. Wasn’t that just great? Wow, I feel warm all over and I didn’t even go to the bathroom.

Be sure and check out “Conflict-part 2” later this week to see who ends up winning. After all, nobody wants to have a conflict if they can’t win………..right?


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