I recently posted a piece about one of my favorite foods, SPAM, which drew more attention than any of my previous posts, surprisingly. Thanks to all the SPAM lovers out there!  I got so excited I had to post more about my love of country and comfort foods. I am truly a country boy with redneck and blue collar roots, though I live and work in a white collar world, so when I get my comfort foods I am a happy guy. By the way, I originally posted this in my cancer blog at several weeks ago while I was recovering from surgery on my leg, so if you already read it there, please forgive me. I have spiced it up some so it might taste a little different the second time around. That sounds gross doesn’t it? Anyway,  here are a few comments about some of my favorite comfort foods.

1. I LOVE SPAM! (see my previous post) As much as I like it, I should be a native Hawaiian. Spam and pineapple? AWESOME!  Many times I have made a multi-layer, Dagwood style sandwich out of a whole can of it with velveeta cheese. MMMMM. I have even been known to open the can, stick the whole thing on a fork and eat it as a “spam-cicle”. Hey! I can hear you groaning from over here. Don’t knock it till you try it.  I really wanna go see the SPAM museum but have found that idea is less than universally appealing. Can’t figure some people out. Europe or the SPAM museum? SPAM vs crepes, fine wine, the Louvre, and rude French hosts? Please!

2. I also love vienna sausages (vi-eenie weenies), devilled ham, and bologna (baloney) sandwiches. Not just any bologna, either, I like thick cut bologna, which I know is the cardiologist’s best friend, but I was raised on bologna and cheese “sammiches”. O MY GOSH! What else can I say?

3. Texas Chili! No offense to my friends in Cinicinatti, but chocolate in chili? Sweet chili? Gross! White chili? Come on! Give me a steamin hot bowl of Texas chili with meat AND  BEANS! Sure you may have to clear out for a while, but it was sure worth the flavor. Add some crackers, mustard, ketchup, and shredded cheddar! Oh My Goodness. And yes, for those native Texans in the crowd, I LOVE Wolf brand chili in a can too! Nothing better for hot dogs! Remember that classic commercial line? “Pardner, how long’s it been since you had a bowl of Wolf Brand Chili?  WELLLL, that’s too long.”

4. HOT DOGS! Be still my enlarged heart. Kosher, Ball Park bun length, Chicago, New  York, at the movies, at the ball game, or straight out of the package uncooked with a dab of mustard or mayo. HOLY COW! (or HOLY mixed pork, chicken, and misc. parts, as may be more appropriate). I know it grosses some out but I am a huge fan! (I am losing weight though, so am literally not as huge a fan as I used to be).

WHEW! I have covered a bit but there are some others I cannot leave out.

5. OREOS: One of my favorites. Single, double, or triple stuffed, orange, green, chocolate, or original white filling? Doesn’t matter. Just disregard the fact that if you crush an oreo and smear the filling over your hands, water will bead up like Rain-X. I am surprised that oreo filling hasn’t been used as a car wax, laxative, or digestive aid, but I may just be ahead of my time.

6. THIN MINT Chocolate Girl Scout Cookies straight from the freezer: Enough said, except don’t forget the milk!

7. Biscuits and gravy: Mom makes the best biscuits and gravy! AND NOT THAT GROSS WALLPAPER PASTE OR CLUMPY STUFF WITH SAUSAGE IN IT. YUK! Have you tried to find clip art of biscuits and gravy? No wonder people gag when you mention it! Mom’s is awesome and I grew up with a Dad who put ketchup (not CATSUP) on most things, so like father like son. Biscuits and good ole fashioned cream gravy and ketchup! Oh My!!!!!

8. Buttermilk or Chess Pie! Sweet, thick, cold, and straight from my grandmother’s heart! Grandma made a great one and so does Mom! It is kind of like diabetes in a pan, but man alive what a way to go!

9. Mexican Casserole! Spicy Jimmy Dean Sausage, Rotel tomatoes, Pace picante sauce, cheddar cheese, and pasta baked together! Spicy Heaven. A favorite of the Bagman’s whole family, especially at hunting camp!

10. TEX-MEX! Enchiladas, tamales, burritos, tostadas, fajitas, nachos, tacos, chili, jalapenos, refried beans, Spanish rice, chips and real queso! Unless you have lived in Texas and fallen in love with the real deal, then moved away and  tried to find TEX-MEX elsewhere, you have no idea how good we have it in the Lone Star State! Muy bien and muchas gracias! Mucho mas, por favor!

Hope you enjoyed some insight into my comfort foods! But I bet you really hope I stay busier tomorrow, huh?


  1. I’m entirely with you on the cookies, although it’s a bit disturbing to think of the Oreo Cream’s other uses, considering the quantities in which I’m known to consume it. 😉

  2. I always thought SPAM meant “spoiled ham” growing up for some reason and would never eat it. My husband fried some up one day and put it on toast with mayo, and I was a convert 😉

    • OH YOU POOR CHILD! Deprived of the joys of SPAM all those years. While your arteries are grateful, I am crying for you. Make up for lost time now that you know the truth! Thanks for stopping by. Love your site!

  3. You are spot on about the Chili! I made some a few weeks back and it was spicy, red, and had meat and beans. Ain’t no other way! I’ll post the recipe and pics soon. Great post!

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