Last week I posted about laughing when you can, despite your circumstances. I promised this part-two edition for the weekend but predictably, my circumstances changed. Circumstance #1: No internet again…surprise, surprise. See my piece (Cable & Internet Service?) from a couple weeks ago. It still applies sadly. Circumstance # 2  I am in the hospital after more surgery but have excellent internet so I can finish this piece. Talk about the silver lining of the cloud. Surgery 😦 but Internet works 🙂 Keeping my priorities straight!

Laughter is an amazing medical tool. It helps heal lots of problems. Mentally, emotionally, and physically, laughing is good for you, even in times of crisis. It’s not funny when you or someone you know gets hurt but once the crisis is over, all rules are off. Sometimes the reason for the injury or the way you got hurt is hilarious. This is especially true when you can look back and see how stupid you were when you were, Oh I don’t know…

  1. standing on tiptoes,
  2.  on the top step of the 6 foot ladder,
  3.  that was balanced on the stair rail and a chair,
  4.  so you could change the light bulb 15 feet in the air,
  5. that you didn’t let cool before touching it.

“Man, you made the funniest face when you touched that hot bulb! It was like slow motion. You jerked back and lost your balance………..(big smile)……HAHA…..Arms were waving …… When you went over that rail and reached for it and missed? HAHA. Man, I tried to get to you but HAHAHA….you were flailing all over the place. I about wet my pants laughing…until you hit the ground. That was scary, but once I knew you were ok, I laughed my head off.”

You know people like this……or maybe you are one. I know people and to be honest, I am one who will laugh at minor injuries, stumbles, falls, etc., as long as you aren’t REALLY hurt. It’s not because I am mean or wish ill to another. Not at all. It’s just that there is something stinkin’ funny about watching someone jump around after banging their thumb with a hammer. Did you ever see the Three Stooges? I cannot help it. I have done it too many times to count and KNOW how much it hurts, but I will be unable to help you unless the hammer penetrated your hand and requires a trip to the ER.  Then and only then can I break the spell.

If you bump your head and invent a new alien cursing language. I will laugh till I cry and have to lean against the wall to keep from falling over. Of course, I will try to get the little kids out of the room and explain that daddy is speaking “Angry Language”.and they should never say those words, especially not to Mommy.

I know some of you are saying “Well now, that’s not right. You should never laugh at someone else’s misfortune. Geez Bagman, we thought you were this nice guy. How cruel.”

HMMMM. I dare you to stand idly by and not laugh when someone stubs their toe and hops all around the living room, holding the toe like it’s gonna fall off. Unless it’s your wife, who doesn’t appreciate that it’s funny, so you and Sparky get to share the K9 Castle for a sleepover. The first week is the hardest, by the way. He snores really loudly!

Maybe it’s a “guy thing”. There are way more male fans of the 3 Stooges and Abbot and Costello than there are female fans. Classic comedies in the days of early TV and movies commonly featured slapstick comedy and even in today’s hit comedies, there is usually laughter at someone’s misfortune. Watch Tom Hanks in “The Money Pit” or  “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “Home Improvement”, or “King of Queens”.Somebody is on the short end of the stick and it is funny. Did you see Will Smith have the allergic reaction to shellfish in “Hitch”? Do I need to say more?

Maybe it’s inherited. My brother and I have  the same affliction. We inherited it from my Dad, who is non-functional during a funny story about self-injury. I recently told him about accidentally drilling into my own finger. He couldn’t breathe he was laughing so hard. Nearly strangled himself laughing and he wasn’t even there to see it. If he was there, I would have had to pick him up off the floor, bloody finger and all, put him in a chair and bring him a towel to wipe the tears of laughter from his face. Then see if he could drive me to the doctor, which he couldn’t most likely, until the funny wore off. .

My sons have also inherited the gene, but luckily it is diluted. They make sure you’re ok before cracking up, but they will laugh, especially at me. Thank goodness they were little when I got stung by a scorpion on the joint of my thumb. I jumped and yelled and danced around the front yard like I was trying to make it rain, holding and sucking my thumb, all to no avail. My wife was panicked at first when she heard me yelling but I saw her smile a bit at my rain dance. I felt so helpless. I wanted to show the terrible “wound” left by the beast who attacked me. Nothing there to show, but I guarantee it hurt more than anything else that ever stung me. Poor old scorpion didn’t have a chance after that. I crushed it beyond recognition and you better believe I LAUGHED!

1 thought on “LAUGH WHEN YOU CAN – part two

  1. So true! Laughter is good medicine! Nobody loves a good belly laugh more than me.

    However, not so funny when, in the dark of night, I hit my bare foot on the piano stool and nearly rip off my little toe! Loudly moaning, groaning and rocking wildly back and forth on the floor while caressing my brutal injury, I hear this insanely uproarious laughter coming from my beloved husband. There he was, unable to stand under his own power, is being held up by a nearby wall where he collapsed in hysterics. Utterly unforgiveable I say…utterly unforgiveable…especially when he entertains himself by telling that story 30 years later and still laughs like a lunatic!!

    Rest assured…payback is coming! Oh yes…laughter is a good thing after all!

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