Rainy Days and Naptime

What is it about rainy days that make them so special? Is it the sound? So gentle, especially in the country on a tin roof. The smell? Nothing more refreshing to me than grass after a storm or the breeze during a gentle rain. Hurricanes? Not so much.  I think it depends on where you are while it’s raining. Everybody likes to take naps on a rainy day. It’s hard to get out of bed when it’s raining  and if you are inside watching it rain, it certainly is easy to get sleepy and want to doze all day.  Kind of awkward when that happens at work, but then you’re all rested and even better at what you do, once you wipe the drool from your chin….after your client points it out to you….because he woke you up after all and it was right thing to do….since your boss just stepped in and asked him to tell you to come see him later. No drool for the boss.

It is even easy to doze in the car while it’s raining gently and you are sitting in a parking lot waiting for someone to come out of the mall…until they beat on the window for you to let them in, soaking wet because you didn’t see them. “You were asleep?”  “But it was raining…” “Wipe that drool off your chin AND the steering wheel. Gross!”

As relaxing as rain is, you rarely see people napping in it.  In fact, they run to get out of it. They fall asleep on the porch while it’s raining but it’s under the shelter of the roof. I don’t know why we don’t go to sleep IN the rain.  Maybe because it’s outdoors. We can go for walks, play football, or play soccer in the rain and with very few exceptions; people don’t melt or turn to salt.

Maybe outdoor water doesn’t make us sleepy. People go swimming in ponds, rivers, lakes, and swimming pools and don’t fall asleep. If they did, there would a law against swimming due to the millions of drownings that would occur each summer.  You don’t get sleepy when you step in a puddle. You never hear “Splash. Dang!ZZZZZZZZZZ” as they lie down on the street to sleep.  Doesn’t happen .

HMMMM. Indoor water CAN make you sleepy. Baths, showers that last glass of water before bedtime? I think I’m getting somewhere. I think you have to be indoors to get sleepy when it rains (except for the porch)  and our mothers knew this. Remember when we were kids and our mothers told us to “come in out of that rain! Were you raised in a barn?

” Well Mom, I would think you would remember that part of my childhood. Plus, if I was raised IN the barn I would be out of the rain, so really, what a dumb question. If you said I was raised by wolves I think that would make better sense since they live in the weather. But I guess the answer is “No ma’am.” Maybe they really wanted us indoors to take naps. The older I get, the sneakier my parents were. Very sneaky.

GASP! Oh No! You know what it could be? What if our mothers were right when they said “If you don’t come out of that rain you’ll catch your death!”

HOLY CRAP! DEATH LIVES IN THE RAIN?  No wonder people are running to get out of it. That’s  the reason! Has to be. Pneumonia must live there with him too, occupying all the raindrops, because if you don’t catch your death, you will definitely catch pneumonia. Geez! Who knew?. Our mothers tried to warn us but were too scared to tell us the Grim Reaper was in the rain. That’s why they pulled the nap thing. No wonder we don’t sleep in the rain but people can DIE in it? Obvious!

“But what about those wolves I was raised by?”

“Silly boy, that’s why they raised you in the barn. Remember? Now dry off . You don’t want  to catch your DEATH!. Sweet dreams.”


10 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Naptime

  1. I love the rain. Especially the big storms. I used to sit on my porch swing (when I had one) and experience the storm, sheltered from the pounding rain, but exposed to the wind, humidity and temperatures. Watching the streets will with water, feeling the wind across my face.

    • Thanks. I started off writing a relaxing story because it was raining all day, but then I disintegrated into a rambling mess. Glad you liked it. Love your blog.

  2. You are so funny, Bagman! I’m glad you mentioned that pneumonia bit. My mom was always telling me I was going to catch that when I was wet. You are so wise. And funny. (Thanks for linking up with us over at #findingthefunny this week!)

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