Hunting Adventures

I love the outdoors. Being out in the woods or near the water rejuvenates me. I grew up fishing and camping and started hunting when I was in Junior High School. Those activities are dear to my heart and I have tried to teach my boys how to enjoy them also. They say that participating in outdoor activities is a great way to build patience and appreciation for the beauty of the things God placed on the earth for us to enjoy and use. I agree, though if you read my last post about fishing, you will understand that appreciating and utilizing may be two different things.

Hunting is more my game. (OOOOH!!!!  Bad pun. Sorry ). I know many people don’t endorse hunting and feel it is a terrible thing. I will just say I disagree and you have to live with it for a few minutes since this my blog, I will talk a little about it, without making anyone upset by describing anything objectionable on this family friendly site. Some of my best family memories are from going on hunting trips. Camo clothing, cold weather, and sleeping in a rustic hunting “cabin” (shack). Tall tales (lies) about the one that got away, and quality time spent with friends and family attempting to outsmart some crafty critters like deer, turkey, varmints or even ducks have provided a lot of fun over the years. I was taught by my dad and other relatives and over the years have tried to pass those lessons on to my boys. Hopefully, they will do the same one day and I will get to watch and smile. The laughter of family and friends telling stories of both failure and success. Isn’t that what it is all about?

Deer hunting is my favorite. Cold weather, out in the country and for some of us, out in the elements. In Texas and many other places around the country, many deer hunters sit in box blinds, but my favorite way to hunt is out on the ground in the middle of the woods. It is so relaxing to me and more challenging, since I have to be more quiet and invisible. I like the challenge of being quiet and still and trying to surprise my prey. Often they surprise me, though, which is always a thrill. Nothing makes my heart pound like watching a deer step out of the woods when he doesn’t know I am there.

Of course, being outdoors can also be hellish if things really go wrong somehow. Sudden temperature drops without proper equipment can be dangerous as well as uncomfortable. Getting lost in the woods can also be very scary and dangerous. Aside from the risk of wandering off into dangerous areas, injury, and other risks like encountering dangerous animals, crazed druglords or lunatics like those in the horror movies or Deliverance,  there is always the risk of running out of food, water, and most of all …toilet paper. I am serious!  I have had to use my undies more than once, but if you are really lost, you can eventually use all your shirt sleeves and other clothing articles as substitutes. Then where would you be? Naked, wandering around in the forest, hoping Bear Gryllis or some other wilderness adventurer is filming nearby with a truck, bbq grill and nice soft bed to sleep in. Of course that never happens, so you end up wandering through pastures, covering your tender parts and hoping you don;t get a bad case of poison ivy in those sensitive spots that are really hard to get to.

By the way, just in case you find yourself in this situation,  NEVER EVER use fuzzy leaves as a toilet paper substitute!  Just sayin’……. and scratching ……and  itching, and scratching….and crying. And scratching…..

2 thoughts on “Hunting Adventures

  1. I can appreciate the hunting experience, especially if you hunt for food that you actually eat, and I recognize that hunting and the sale of tags keep populations from starving and even protect the habitat, but I just don’t think I could squeeze the trigger to bring down a deer. Having said this, I understand that humans would not be where they are today without animals for food and clothing. I find it interesting that those who do hunt emphasize, as you did, the joy of sharing time with friends and family rather than focusing on the actual killing of the animal.

    • Thanks for the comment. For me, the experience of being in the woods, being with friends and family, and enjoying the outdoors far outweighs whether or not I kill anything. I used to say I loved to go hunting and it didn’t matter if I saw anything or not. Then i hunted in places where I never saw any animals so I changed my mind. Now I say I don’t care if I get anything as long as I see some animals. I love venison and have adopted bow hunting since it is more sporting, especially when I’m shooting the arrow. I don’t believe in trophy hunting. Eat what you kill is our motto, but for me, it is about the experience. Like the bumper sticker says, “A bad day hunting (fishing)is better than a good day at work”.
      Thanks again.

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