The Things You Don’t Know

Sometimes I think about things I want to know more about. I would like to know more about horses and cows. How to take care of them and the ranch on which I would need to raise them. I wish I knew more about hunting and fishing and was an expert in those areas. If you have read much of this blog, you know I need to know how to fix cars and save a lot of money that way. I would like to know more about finances, surgery, space travel, microbiology, furniture making, scuba diving, flying planes, drag racing, and  relationships, the final frontier of exploration in my mind.

Some of  the items on that list are very easily studied and there are endless sources of material available to peruse and improve understanding of the topic. Others are a little more obscure and it’s with those things where I show my lack of knowledge. Financial well being seems to be tied into most of the subjects, however, since my inability to fix my car or create farm equipment from scraps laying around the kitchen, like McGyver, typically strain my financial resources. I wish I was business and money savvy, but my gifts lie elsewhere, or so I am told. I could  have the internet open, encyclopedias on the table, every how-to book known to man, and Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and Oprah on speed dial and when it comes to figuring out the things that are not clear to me. However, being male,I rarely would ask their opinion or read the information, since “I can handle it”.

However, when it comes time to ask the big questions like ‘How long do I have left?” when you find out you have a terminal condition, or “What are our options?” when staring bankruptcy in the face, it becomes painfully clear just how much we don’t know. These are the things that often cause us to fear and create uncertainty, worry and stress in our lives. I have learned, however, that although I may not know all the answers, there is One who does and I know if I ever drop my pride, ask forgiveness, and rely on Him in my times of doubt, the things I don’t know are not so scary.

I have always been one to keep a positive spin on things. When things have been tough in my life I have tried to say “no reason to worry about things I can’t control” and “control is an illusion anyway, so why worry at all”

I grew up playing outside, playing sports, working for my dad as a plumber’s helper and in general construction jobs. I know a bit about a lot of things. I am well educated and sometimes that even shows itself, though it usually shows up at my work, for which I am very well prepared.  In my personal life, however, there are many things I do not know and am learning as I go. It is an adjustment being a single man in his 40s after being married for > 20 years. I learn something new everyday. Recently it was “You don’t make cheesy eggs that way, stupid”. After eating them, I will never forget that I made them incorrectly. I promise.

I think that is part of our learning curve as humans. As life throws us obstacles, (or we create them for ourselves) we sometimes learn to swerve and avoid them, but often collide and bully our way through them. Some are able to  jump over them,  and still others stop and wait for the obstacles to move, or better yet, figure out a way to move them.

Sometimes  I think my preferred way is to bull my way through it, but other times I get the message that says “Just wait and be patient and things will be revealed as you need them to be”.Somemtimes that message comes in the form of a 2×4 to the forehead.

The thing that gets me about that is the timing. “When will that be, exactly? I would like to prepare with a helmet and Advil”.

“Hmmmm. I don’t know, but don’t worry about it. It will be exactly when you”.  need it.”

“Well, I don’t know about that”


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