A Wishful Poem for You

Twas 2 weeks before Christmas and all through the South
Houstonians were saddened and down in the mouth,
for the Texans just played and this week they lost.
All the pride and hurt feelings, the money they cost.
The fans were disgusted and lots of them blue.
“My oh my, what on earth will we do?”

Talking trash to each other and getting upset?
Never solved anything, at least not yet.
So instead of our crazy football obsession
why not focus on a much better lesson?

At this time of year there are many who know
how hard it is to be sad and alone.
To not have enough clothing or food or a home.
But there are many of us who say “Leave me alone!
I have no concerns for those less fortunate.
They dealt their own cards. Let them make the best out of it”.

Well, that might work for some of you,
though I do not see how that can be true,
for while many have stumbled and fallen away,
I do not feel that on this Christmas day
it is proper or just for those who have less
to be left alone so we can just rest.

No-one that day should be cold and alone,
looking for food, a shelter, or home.
So this year go out and help someone new.
The one who is blessed will always be you.

It’s awesome to be there and see what it means
when you go get dirty in a t-shirt and jeans.
To work and help out at a food bank or kitchen,
to reach out and see what we all have been missing.
Kindness and grace goes beyond what we know.
Goodness and love helps to fill someone’s soul.

The people they serve are in need this year.
They are looking for helpers, someone so dear,
who will offer their hands, their money, their time.
That’s why I wrote this cute little rhyme.

Find a good cause where you can assist.
If you go on the web there are multiple lists.
Places that need you, where you can go love,
bring warmth and your caring.
They are gifts from above.

8 thoughts on “A Wishful Poem for You

    • Thanks Kelley. You don’t remember my poem prowess from work? The Poet has been rhyming for years, just usually for some useless fun thing. When the mood strikes, though, I do alright. Have a Merry Christmas.

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