Reaching Out

Relationships often can cause us such pain
but it may be worth trying to lessen the strain.
It’s always surprising how blessings sneak in
if we don’t hold a grudge and let those wounds mend.

I hope you reach out at this time of year
to someone who’s hurt you, who once was so dear,
and try to establish a new bond again,
whether you think of family or friend

You may be saying “Why on earth would I ever?”
“They broke my heart. I swore I would never!”
But deep inside there is pain that you feel
and you would would give anything if it could be healed

Our pain, it comes from a number of sources
People do bad things, have fights, get divorces
But people need people. That still is true.
You may not like them, but love them you do.

So hopefully this will light a small spark
you can fan to a flame and hopefully start
the process of healing, though it will take some time
and will also cause hugging and maybe some crying

But I think that’s better than making them wait
and you holding on to the pain and the hate.
For what if the day you finally decide
you try to make contact and find out they died?

There is no chance now. All that time lost.
The pain and memories, how much did that cost?
Don’t let that happen. Reach out today.
We never know when today’s our last day.

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