Christmas Healing

The reason for Christmas if you will recall
is to celebrate the birth of the One so small,
born long ago to redeem the whole earth.
Christmas is supposed to honor Christ’s birth

It’s not about presents or the program at church
though many get caught in up in the Christmas time lurch
I think too many are just playing parts
God isn’t church, He resides in our hearts

So regardless of how you perceive your religion
If you practice devoutly, or may be “backslidden”
If your heart has been broken by “church folk” before
and you vowed “never again will I darken that door!”

You can put down that cross. It’s already been carried
Single parent, divorced, or never been married
God doesn’t care what your church status is
Just know that He loves you, you really are His

At this time of year I can often be solemn, but
it’s not about whether I’m “upright” or “fallen”
I know that God loves me, it matters not where
He knows where I am and I know that He cares

I just sometimes am stubborn and stuck in my ways
Sometimes I try to hide from His gaze
But regardless of how I often am acting
God knew it first, He is never reacting

Our lives often take a turn through some curves
We may get bruised when the road quickly swerves
But lean on each other and on God above
And we will always be fine through the wonder of love.

The holiday season is so hard for many
Reasons innumerable, heartbreaks a plenty
But you can be part of some healing, you see
I hope you will try to help others and be
a source of encouragement, of goodness and light
and wish “Merry Christmas” to all whom you might.

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