Moon Pies, Krystal, & RC Cola


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Food is  such a regional thing. Chicago Deep Dish, New York Thin Crust, Hot Dogs from each city are different. Saltwater taffy from the eastern seaboard. Clam Chowdah and Lobstahs from New England. Steak and BBQ claims from around the country could start a new civil … Continue reading

Wanna Come Over and Listen to Records?


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Have you tried to find a record player lately? I don’t mean the new phonograph to CD recording devices that make CDs from your old albums and I don’t even mean phonographs for stereo systems. I mean self-contained record players. … Continue reading



I recently posted a piece about one of my favorite foods, SPAM, which drew more attention than any of my previous posts, surprisingly. Thanks to all the SPAM lovers out there!  I got so excited I had to post more … Continue reading

SPAM: the Magical Meat in a Can


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I’m from the Dallas-Fort Worth area of north central Texas and while that part of the state is farther north than most of our friends in the Southeast Conference, I am still from The South. Maybe not die hard Nascar … Continue reading