Contact the Bagman

 If you feel the need to hear the Bagman’s muffled speech  patterns, you could ask him to call you. OR you could call him on his vintage bag-phone at b-igb-ags-ofun.  No, really, it is the right number of digits. It will call some place in Africa (seriously) so PLEASE don’t call unless you are from Africa. Then, by all means, go ahead and please accept my apologies for minding your business. Tell Aunt Rwanda I said HI and I will be down to visit soon..

Bag-phones aren’t cool anymore like when they first came out! Can you believe it? I petitioned for them to come back, so I could give one to my oldest, little Baggie. Know what they told me?  TOO BAD Bagman! Unbelieveable. Know what i did? No expense spared on my little Baggie. Only the very best carrier pigeons & smoke signals. HAH! I showed ’em. The inside of his car really got messy, though, all that poop & soot. Teens!

Bag-phones could reach from the bottom of the ocean to the International Space Station without losing any signal. Can those fancy-schmancy smart phones do that? NOOOOO!  Besides, you must be a truly cruel and mailcious person to want to make some poor guy with a bag on his head talk on a Smart Phone. Can’t hear well through the thick paper. Catches flame with the bluetooth adapter.GEEZ! I didn’t know people like that would come to a family site like this. I mean c’mon people! Is that picture funny or what?

However, Bagman does get lonely, so if you want to send a message to his Bag-0-Mail, send to the following address:

6 thoughts on “Contact the Bagman

    • You already organized it once so I guess I owe you. Dang! Was hoping my secret identity would protect me from the dangers of organization. How about I just throw my piles into paper bags and sit the bags on my desk?

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