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Here are some local critters from my old stomping grounds, even a couple of the 2 legged kind. I hope you enjoy them.

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My life is awesome (and so unexpected at times)

What else can I say? I am blessed in the midst of a crazy world. Life isn’t easy but you can find ways to enjoy it if you try and look for the good things in your life and spend less time thinking about the negative. I can be moody and grumpy but these days I am managing to keep my sanity and a smile most days. I hope this short piece will prompt you to find some silver linings amongst the dark clouds you encounter. Here are some of my bright spots today.

1. I am newly married to a wonderful woman who loves me for who I really am, in spite of who and what I can be at times, and who can see through the muck and find the heart of me, which really isn’t a bad thing after all.

2. I have family members who love me and while there are some who struggle with me at times, I still love them and am confident that one day, we will be on the same page again.

3. I still have both my parents and am excited to go see them and celebrate their 50th Anniversary next month.

4. I married into a great group of people who have accepted me unreservedly and I now have more people to get to know and love. 

5. They say if you have 1 or 2 true friends in your life, you are a lucky person. I guess I won the lottery. Though they are small in number, I have some very special old friends that I can call anytime day or night and they are there, ready and willing. I may not see them for months but as soon as we are together, it’s like we never missed a beat.

6. While some folks cannot stand the people they work with, I am extremely fortunate to have a great group of coworkers. My work friends are like family. They took care of me while I was undergoing cancer treatment. We laugh as hard as we work and enjoy getting together on the weekends. We are friends more than colleagues and that is too rare in today’s work world.

7. I have a wonderful job that allows me to help amazing people every day who are battling cancer and the after-effects of treatment. In additon to the reward that in itself brings, I am daily provided opportunities to expand my knowledge, so I am never bored. I really do learn something new every day.

8. Finally, I am repeatedly given the opportunity to teach others to do what I do. It is humbling and an honor to be able to share of what I know so that someone can help another person who is suffering. To me, that is a very special thing, I love being alowed to do it, and I never take it for granted.

Examine your mind and your life and find those things that make you feel alive. Then tell someone about it instead of talking about how bad your day was. It will make you (and those around you) feel better. Who knows, you might even smile!

Bonus item that makes me smile: SPAM!


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