Who is the Bagman?

The Bagman is the owner and proprietor of this blog, which is intended to provide some humorous insights on life, health, and our general existence in this crazy world! Open up a  bag of fun, wherever you can find one, and never really be too sure of what might be inside. You will likely be wrong, but that can be really stinkin’ funny!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Brad and I have known the Bagman since he was created by his college football buddies in 1983. Prior to that he was named Brad. Isn’t that  just unbelievable? An amazing coincidence. I am his translator. “No habla English?” you ask? No. If you noticed in the picture he is wearing a paper bag over his head, which garbles his speech terribly, but is unavoidable. The bag is intended to

1. protect his identity in case of complete and utter failure here, and

2. to protect your eyes because, honestly, he is an ugly sucker.

He was told once that he is somewhat of an enigma. Doesn’t that mean weird and misunderstood? He is a speech pathologist and lymphedema therapist  during the week at a major cancer center, (which shall remain nameless), and an avid outdoorsman in his dreams. He is a lover of all things outdoors, including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, nature photography, and spam. Ok, spam shouldn’t be listed as an outdoor thing, but some people prefer you keep it there. He also loves theater, music, and the arts in general. See what I mean? Weird.

The Bagman has worked in the healthcare field for well over 20 years now and relocated from hot & dry north Texas to hot & humid Houston in 2003 to work in the largest medical center in the world. That was the ONLY reason to move to lovely Houston, the south’s  largest concrete sauna, specially enhanced by the countless refineries and chemical plants nearby.

Little did he know he would require the  expertise of the best cancer center in the country when he was diagnosed with cancer in June 2011. He has now completed chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, and did very well with all three. He believes it was a combination of his sense of humor, faith, and overall positive attitude that was most surprising to those around him, but….. excuse me a second……what?  Oh. he wants to be sure and say a million thanks to his caring family and amazingly supportive co-workers and friends, WITHOUT WHOM, HE WOULD NOT HAVE MADE IT. We’ll have to count to a million later, ok?.

He also forced me  to tell you that he is generally considered a kind, caring, and humorous individual with a skewed perspective on things. Just between you and me, though, he is a real pain in the tail at times. He thinks most things are funny, so why not laugh about them? EVERY DAY!  Sarcasm, one liners, and funny stories have prompted his supporters to encourage him to transition from his cancer based blog on  www.carepages.com to the real world of humor blogging. I really think it is so they won’t have to read it anymore.

So…buckle up and get ready for the ride, he says. I think that’s what he said, Stupid bag. It might be a rough ride while things get rolling, but the bookies are betting that it’s gonna be a funny journey in any case.

Good luck!

Have a great day and laugh about something will ya?

6 thoughts on “Who is the Bagman?

      • ha! There is always more cement to be found. My uncle believes one of the medical buildings to be “Hooters World Headquarters.” I am sure you can guess next time you look at them from a distance. I thought Beaumont was Petrochemical Spa World?

      • I don’t think Beaumont has enough concrete, though they have the Eau de Petrol in excess. It is really the home of Smellyvision I think. I know exactly which twins you mean. 🙂 I work next door. To me they look like needles but can see the Hooters reference. Guess I have been medical too long. Take care.

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