SPAM: the Magical Meat in a Can

I’m from the Dallas-Fort Worth area of north central Texas and while that part of the state is farther north than most of our friends in the Southeast Conference, I am still from The South. Maybe not die hard Nascar lovin, way down in the delta, cook a possum for lunch kinda south, but I am a southern boy, nonetheless. As such, I grew up eating southern food, which you know is good stuff, even if all you have ever done is sniffed around a Cracker Barrel and wondered what was inside. The aroma alone can add 5 pounds and raise your cholesterol 20 points.

Well, one of my favorite treats growing up was SPAM (not available at Cracker Barrel) and I still love it. I know, I know. There are many SPAM-haters out there who have been brainwashed against the magical treat from Hormel, maker of all things meaty. You think it’s gross. You tried it once and didn’t like it. I respect that. But don’t run screaming if you’ve never even licked a piece. It’s not like drugs….for most people. It’s not like if you try it you’ll be hooked and never get off it. Relax! There are no SPAM addiction recovery centers, at least in the US. I’ve looked.  I need one.

“Meat……(shudder) from….a……can?” you say.  “OH. PLEASE!” Coke and Dr. Pepper come in a can. Shaving cream, fruit cocktail, sardines (bad example), veggies, Wd-40….lots of good things come in cans. Tuna! Who doesn’t like Tuna? Ok, so you hate tuna. My point is that the whole canned meat argument is weak. Even HAM comes in a can! And what is more American than ham? You eat it at holidays and special occasions.  It’s an institution…..and at one point in history, it came in cans and we liked it! It was even immortalized by David Letterman, who forecasted “Hail the size of canned hams” back in his days as a weatherman. But I digress. We are talking about SPAM after all, not its uppity cousin. SPAM has its own museum in Austin, MN, which I truly hope to visit one day. How many other foods can boast such a feat? I don’t know, but I bet not many. Besides, it was good enough for our soldiers in WW II. How do you compete with that?

Now, I don’t want to be insensitive. SPAM is made of pork parts. I realize and respect that certain religions do not eat pork and that vegetarians, vegans, etc. don’t eat meat. If you avoid pork or all meats in general, I wish all the best to you and yours and do not mean to offend here. If I was of a persuasion to avoid SPAM, I would…..if I could. It’s just so darn tasty! Heck, there may even be those who take spiritual offense to Devilled Ham, SPAM’s evil counterpart that apparently is packaged in the bowels of Hell, where there is no shortage of sodium and preservatives. Call me a spiritual weakling, but no more Devilled Ham, Devilled eggs or Devil’s food cake?  Ain’t gonna happen!

What were we talking about?

SPAM! Fried, diced, or sliced for sandwiches, mixed with pineapples, or just by itself, it is awesome! My favorite is a SPAM sandwich with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and real mayo on wheat bread! Better than a steak any day!  As weird as it sounds, a SPAM sandwich is near and dear to my heart and brings up good memories from my childhood. I hope that in your life you are able to connect that way with something you grew up with. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to visit it in a museum!.Wanna go to Austin, Minnesota with me? I know a great place for a sandwich.

10 thoughts on “SPAM: the Magical Meat in a Can

  1. My mother, to this day, spreads deviled ham on crackers whenever she goes out in the boat. It’s like a rule. When the world ends in a few months, the cockroaches will continue to survive if they can figure out how to work that little key on the Spam…

  2. Rock on with your SPAM-eating, bad self. I grew up eating fried SPAM sandwiches. My father-in-law is OBSESSED with SPAM…he’s been to the museum and everyone in the family gets SPAM paraphernalia as birthday gifts. Thanks for the reminder of the Letterman canned ham reference. I love old school Late Night. Here from Finding the Funny.

    • Awesome! Someone actually giving SPAM its due! I HAVE to get to the museum one day. Is on my bucket list for sure! Thanks for coming by and tell your father-in-law I am in awe!

  3. Good lord, I love this post! I happen to be a North Texas SPAM lover and never thought I’d find someone else who came out of the SPAM closet. So thank you for that. I like my SPAM fried with potatoes and onions, by the way…

    • That’s a good girl! No more closet spam addicts allowed. Come out and wear your SPAM love proudly on your shirt, along with those mustard stains! Thanks for stopping by.

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