Moon Pies, Krystal, & RC Cola


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Food is  such a regional thing. Chicago Deep Dish, New York Thin Crust, Hot Dogs from each city are different. Saltwater taffy from the eastern seaboard. Clam Chowdah and Lobstahs from New England. Steak and BBQ claims from around the country could start a new civil … Continue reading

I met a true jazz legend


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How often do you get to meet a true jazz legend? Not very often in my circles, anyway. Well, this week I went to hear Harry Sheppard, international performer, former member of the Benny Goodman Orchestra, a Houston institution, and … Continue reading

WHERE did THAT come from?


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WARNING      WARNING     WARNING I am going to go against my Bagman policy of anonymity and show some uncovered pics of my face to help address the concerns that are discussed in today’s post. Ya’ll just wear … Continue reading