I met a true jazz legend


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How often do you get to meet a true jazz legend? Not very often in my circles, anyway. Well, this week I went to hear Harry Sheppard, international performer, former member of the Benny Goodman Orchestra, a Houston institution, and … Continue reading

Twilight Zone 1977: The Boogie Man


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I must thank a new follower of my blog who goes by Indigoeverything for inspiring this post. Aside from having excellent musical tastes, (we heartily agreed on my last post), “Indy”  wrote a funny post about “the Sandman“, your childhood bedtime … Continue reading

Wanna Come Over and Listen to Records?


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Have you tried to find a record player lately? I don’t mean the new phonograph to CD recording devices that make CDs from your old albums and I don’t even mean phonographs for stereo systems. I mean self-contained record players. … Continue reading