Photos-Flowers & Plants


I usually take outdoor nature images but took this closeup from a bouquet with some direct lighting and was pleased how it came out. I hope you like it. Please check out other shots I have taken of flowers and plants by clicking on the page link above or by clicking this link. Photos-Flowers & Plants.

I would love it if you would check out my other photos,  read the humorous stories I have posted, and give me feedback.  Also, let me know If you like the new format.  I changed it to make it easier to navigate so you don’t have to scroll through miles of posts Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon and please tell your friends! My site is lonely and needs company.

Photos- San Diego and LaJolla, CA


I recently took this photo of a marina in San Diego. Please follow this link  Photos- San Diego and LaJolla, CA.  or the in the menu above to see this page, featuring some of  the beautiful coastal scenery in that area. I hope you will also explore my site, which features other nature photos I have taken and some funny stories about life in general. Hope you will come back and visit because I am always updating. Thanks.

Photography Anonymous


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12 step Group leader: “Welcome to our weekly  meeting of PA, Photography Anonymous. New members need not admit to an addiction. Would anyone like to start and share how photography has overtaken your life?” Me: “Hi. I’m Bagman, and I…….am … Continue reading



I recently posted a piece about one of my favorite foods, SPAM, which drew more attention than any of my previous posts, surprisingly. Thanks to all the SPAM lovers out there!  I got so excited I had to post more … Continue reading

SPAM: the Magical Meat in a Can


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I’m from the Dallas-Fort Worth area of north central Texas and while that part of the state is farther north than most of our friends in the Southeast Conference, I am still from The South. Maybe not die hard Nascar … Continue reading