The Roadside Tidal Wave vs The Good Samaritan


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I haven’t written in a while but the other day something happened that I thought was worth  writing about. I had been very busy with a work project and was not very observant regarding my gas gauge. As a result, … Continue reading

Bachelor Cooking Issues: Volume # 1


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Let me start by saying that I assume there will be more than one set of “cooking issues” in my future, so I went ahead and started numbering. Guys, I assume you understand if you are not an accomplished cook. If you are, keep … Continue reading

The Best 50 cents I got all day.


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First,  I must apologize since it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post. It has been a very busy time. As you know,  I moved into a new apartment, which is SO much better than my old place. Anyway, … Continue reading

My Creative Counterpart

If you check out the top of this page you see links to photos I have taken. I even wrote a post about my addiction to photography, Photography Anonymous. If you have not read it, please check it out.

Today I published my 100th photo post on my other blog, Please go check it out at Brad G Smith Photos.There is a slideshow and a gallery, either of which will review the first 100 posts. It’s not bad, it if I do say so myself.

I will be back with another humor post in a few days.