Twilight Zone 1977: The Boogie Man


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I must thank a new follower of my blog who goes by Indigoeverything for inspiring this post. Aside from having excellent musical tastes, (we heartily agreed on my last post), “Indy”  wrote a funny post about “the Sandman“, your childhood bedtime … Continue reading

Wanna Come Over and Listen to Records?


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Have you tried to find a record player lately? I don’t mean the new phonograph to CD recording devices that make CDs from your old albums and I don’t even mean phonographs for stereo systems. I mean self-contained record players. … Continue reading

The “Shedding Bison” bath towel


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Ever since I can recall I have liked good bath towels: warm, fuzzy, absorbent. There is just something special as a kid about wrapping yourself in a towel right out of the tub, drying off and feeling so fresh and … Continue reading

I am not here today, I am guest posting

I was thrilled to be asked to guest post on my good friend’s blog,Kelley is a funny funny lady and writes for Nickelodeon, Nick Mom, and many others. I am honored to be posting about my Nerdy Sheep Roommates on her site today. Please go check it out by clicking on any of the links you see here or on the link in the lower right side of the screeen. Be sure and bookmark her page and check out her other posts. Truly hilarious. Tune back in tomorrow though, when I tell about my adventures with the new      “Sheddding Bison” bath towels.

Summertime in Houston, Texas. Why, God?


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I grew up in north Texas and make no mistake, it gets plenty hot there. I worked as a plumber’s helper in 1980 when the temperature reached 114. I just melted into a puddle right in the ditch we were … Continue reading

Palacios, Texas Sunset 2010


I was very surprised by the lack of response to my latest post about the lemon of a car I bought. I assumed people would be right there with me, feeling my pain, but I guess nobody wants to hear griping. So, for a change of pace, I am posting a nice relaxing picture taken in 2010 in on of my favorite places, Palacios, Texas. If you have ever been there, you may say there isn’t much to see. True, until sunset,  then it is spectacular. I hope you like it. I will bring more zaniness to the next post and without the complaints